19 Dec. 14

Judy Potter

I want to thank the people at Custom Plumbing for all that they did for us when we had the heavy rain on Thursday, June 16, 2016.
Our sump pump quit and because we live in a townhouse, I had to call the woman who is in charge of the corporation. All I got from her was for me to call Custom Plumbing to set up an appointment. We couldn’t stop the water filling up and so we had to keep draining the water manually. Setting up an appointment, I thought, could mean a wait but for how long.
I called Custom Plumbing and I still cannot get over how helpful and considerate the staff was. The lady who answered the phone was so helpful and assured me that they would have someone out soon. When the men came to check our sump pump, they were respectful and courteous. They took off their boots at the door, carried them downstairs, checked the sump pump and told us it needed to be replaced. A few minutes later, everything was done. I just want to thank everyone at Custom Plumbing who took care of this matter so quickly and for being so courteous and helpful. It’s reassuring to know that companies like this still exist. Thank you so much.